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OECD – Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development Program for Higher Education

The OECD is a forum which allows governments to work together, share experiences and seek solutions to common problems. Founded in 1961 and headquartered in Paris, France, the OECD works with governments to understand the factors that drive economic, social and environmental change.

The organization also tracks productivity and global flows of trade and investment, analyzing data to predict future trends in socio-economic development. It has worked to establish international standards in a wide range of areas, from agriculture and tariffs to chemical safety procedures.

The OECD’s Program for Higher Education has created a permanent forum for education professionals to exchange experiences and benefit from current thinking and analysis on relevant issues. The objective of this forum is to develop policy, gather data and share ideas and experiences. These activities help members to contribute to the development of higher education at the international, national and local level.

The strategic position of this program within the OECD gives members access to a prestigious international network and promotes productive relationships between higher education professionals, politicians, authorities and researchers.

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