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General Secretariat

Fernando Orellana Torres – UCN Secretary General

The General Secretariat acts as a certifying officer for all determinations made by the university. Within the organizational structure of the institution, the General Secretariat is dependent upon the Rectory.

Its main objectives are:

  • To provide integrated support to the activities of the Rectory and the high authorities and senior management of the Universidad Católica del Norte.
  • To advise individuals and collegiate bodies in a position of authority within the university on relevant legal, statutory and regulatory matters.
  • To maintain custody of a central archive of official university documentation.

To control, implement and record the awarding of degrees and qualifications.

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Calendario Académico

  • sábado 25 de mayo

    Término para solicitud de Anulación Periodo Académico

  • Desde: lunes 27 de mayo
    Hasta: viernes 31 de mayo

    Periodo para solicitud de Examen (art. 44 °)

  • jueves 30 de mayo

    Claustro Pleno

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