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At UCN, we encourage the development of scientific and technological research and the generation of innovation which contribute to the society and the quality of life of the people.

Knowledge Society, with its shift towards globalization and competitiveness, presents the challenge for countries of moving from an economy based on natural resources to one that offers added value through knowledge, technology and sustainability.

This new scenario, which recognizes the relevance of our natural resources and that the knowledge must be benefitial for our society demands from the universities the adoption of new policies and strategies, which are complemented with the national and regional orientations with respect to research, development, and innovation.

Reconizing this context, the Vice-Rectory of Research and Technological Development of UCN has developed policies, strategies and initiatives that encourage the development of scientific and technological research; that promote the formation of multidisciplinary teams devoted to solve transversal challenges; that educate and involve undergraduate and graduate students in research activities; and that spread and disseminate the research work.

These policies not only integrate the university community but a vast part of the society including relevant members of the public and private sectors, and national and international communities.

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