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UCN Academic Departments

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Committed to training professionals who seek truth, liberty and justice, solidarity, the common good and sustainability.

Department of Physics

The Department of Physics has as a prestigious position in the fields of Physics of Condensed Matter, Nanotechnology and Atmospheric Physics.

Department of Mathematics

Our main mission is to contribute to the development of Mathematics professionals, through a basic set of core courses and advanced specialization courses.

Department of Chemistry

Our mission is to generate and disseminate new knowledge, contributing to culture and to scientific and technological development, at the regional, national and global level.

Department of Construction Management

We seek to meet the requirements of the country, training professionals able to contribute to solving existing problems and overcoming challenges in the construction sector.

Civil Engineering Department

We are professionals in the areas of structures, geotechnics, hydraulics, construction and traffic engineering, with emphasis on and specialization in areas of relevance to the region in which our university is located.

Department of Aquiculture

The Department of Aquiculture is an academic unit capable of responding to the needs of society and being a national and international authority on aquiculture.

Department of Marine Biology

The Department of Marine Biology is the most productive department in Chile in the field of Marine Sciences, having trained scientists active in the discipline at a national level.

Department of Administration

The mission of the Department of Administration is to create, refine, transfer and disseminate knowledge and techniques in the field of Business Sciences to individuals and organizations seeking to maximize their personal and corporate effectiveness.

Department of Auditing, Accounting and Management Control

Includes the disciplines of Auditing, Accounting, Management Control, Cost Control and Tax Legislation.

Department of Economics

One of the objectives of the Department of Economics is to study the consequences of incorporating the spatial dimension into economic analysis, with an emphasis on Development Economics.

Department of Geological Sciences

Our undergraduate, master’s and doctoral programs have allowed us to consolidate our position as a leading department in the training of professionals in this field, with considerable prestige at the national level.

Department of Industrial Engineering

We seek to contribute to the generation and transferal of knowledge in the field of operations and company asset management.

Department of Metallurgical and Mining Engineering

Delivers degree programs in Metallurgical and Civil Metallurgical Engineering.

Department of Chemical Engineering

The Department of Chemical Engineering is known for innovation in the training of professionals and the transfer of technologies.

Department of Systems and I.T. Engineering

The Department of Systems and I.T. Engineering is a multidisciplinary department covering diverse aspects of organizational and information technology management.

Department of Biomedical Sciences

Our objectives are to carry out teaching, research and outreach in areas relating to the biomedical sciences.

Clinical Department

The Clinical Department is a multidisciplinary team made up of professionals with an integrated vision of the requirements of society.

Department of Public Health

The Department of Public Health has extensive experience in the field, thanks to close links with the health system.

Department of Theology – Antofagasta

The Department of Theology is the academic unit responsible for delivering general courses in Theology and Ethics to all students.

Department of Theology – Coquimbo

The Department of Theology in Coquimbo is an academic unit which opened its doors in 1974, as the Center for Theological Research.

University Pastoral Department

Works to develop individuals with a commitment to society, strong values and an understanding of their profession from a perspective of solidarity and social service.

Department for the Teaching of Basic Sciences

The Department for the Teaching of Basic Sciences welcomes you and invites you to take part in the challenge of becoming a balanced, active professional with a sense of responsibility to society.