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UCN Educational Project

The Educational Project, in line with the Corporate Development Plan of the Institution, is the conceptual framework defined by the Universidad Católica del Norte to shape the characteristics of the professionals trained at the university. The Educational Project is the educational approach of the institution and its diverse academic units.

This approach responds to requirements generated by the social context within which education is carried out, including new demands in terms of quality, globalization, flexibility and continuing education, among other factors.

In light of the above, students must develop not only specific capacities linked to their area of study and professional specialization, but also general and transferrable skills that will allow them to go on to a successful and ethical professional career.

In this way, the Educational Project constitutes a specific response from UCN to these challenges, defining the characteristics of the graduates that the university will contribute to society. Additionally, it provides a set of guidelines for education and training, with excellence and quality at their core, that contribute to the development of autonomous, socially responsible graduates with solid values, a focus on efficiency and an outstanding conceptual knowledge.

The UCN Educational Project is based on three pillars, which give it a distinct academic orientation and are reflected in the university’s educational activities. These are:

  • Values-based education for the formation of ethical character
  • Learner-centered educational approach
  • Training for a globalized world

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