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R.P. Gustavo Le Paige s.j. Institute of Archeological Research and Museum

About the IIAM

The R.P. Gustavo Le Paige Institute of Archeological Research and Museum (IIAM) is an academic unit reporting to the Vice-Rectory for Research and Technological Development. Its mission and guiding principles can be divided into four main areas:

Academic research: The academic production of the Institute is developed in the disciplines of archeology, history, anthropology and bioanthropology through research projects and dissemination in specialist publications. This research covers a diverse range of social and cultural themes, centering mainly around the study of indigenous cultures in Chile.

Postgraduate teaching: Through its Postgraduate programs, the IIAM awards the Master’s and Doctorate in Anthropology, generating advanced knowledge in these disciplines. These programs are aimed at training researchers, academics and professionals in the anthropological sciences, for high quality performance at universities, research centers and private and state organizations.

Dissemination and preservation of the historical and cultural heritage of the region: The Institute operates an archeological museum, which is open to the public and offers an interesting permanent collection as well as a set of temporary exhibits throughout the year. This facility also works to preserve, conserve and record the material and immaterial heritage of the Atacameño peoples, as reflected in the valuable collection of archeological and historical artifacts in its collection.

Education and community outreach: In this area, the Institute works to promote and disseminate the cultural heritage of the Atacameño peoples, as well as establishing and deepening the relationship between our institution and its social and cultural surroundings in the region and the country in general. Its main activities in this area are the Guided Visit Service and a diverse program of educational activities.

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