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UCN Directions

General Direction of Undergraduate Studies

The General Direction of Undergraduate Studies (DG-Pre) advises the Academic Vice-Rectory on academic and executive matters relating to the teaching functions and activities of the university.

General Direction of Graduate Studies

The General Direction of Graduate Studies (DGP) establishes teaching policy for postgraduate programs.

General Direction of Student Affairs

The General Direction of Student Affairs (DGE) is responsible for reviewing and continuously improving each of the services and processes provided by the institution in the areas of health, recreation, sport, arts and culture.

Privado: Direction of Research and Analysis of Scientific Production

Coordinates research with institutes and research centers, with a general and multidisciplinary approach, and promotes technology linkages.

General Direction of Community Relations

Manages, strengthens and consolidates relationships with the university’s strategic partners, including related entities and alumni.

Office of Analysis and Management

Supports the activities of the Academic Vice-Rectory through the control and monitoring of academic processes within the institution.

Legal Direction

Get to know the services offered by the UCN Legal Direction.

Direction of Institutional Analysis

Generates strategic information for decision-making by gathering, compiling, processing and analyzing data.

Direction of Communications and Admissions

Unit responsible for the strategic positioning of the corporate image and marketing of the institution.

Direction of Human Resources

Attracts, administrates, manages, advises and orients the human capital of the institution, building a community that works together to achieve its goals.

Direction of Finance

The role of the UCN Department of Finance is to efficiently manage the economic and financial resources of the university.

Direction of Studies

Develops, contributes to and supervises projects for the continuous improvement of systemic, administrative, organizational or other aspects of the Vice-Rectory.

Direction of Information Technology

Plans, coordinates and controls I.T. projects that allow for the design, maintenance, updating, improvement and monitoring of the UCN technological platform.

Direction of Infrastructure Projects

Plans, coordinates and controls programs of construction, maintenance and repair of the physical infrastructure of the university.

Direction of Services

Efficiently and effectively plans, organizes, directs and controls the resources available to the UCN community in terms of security, transportation and operations.