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Applications Process and Form

Step 1: According to the information on the Applications page, the student should select a destination institution, review their program of studies at UCN and identify the courses that they will study during their exchange semester(s). Based on the content of these, the student should put together a Plan of Studies.

Step 2: The student should request authorization from the head of their degree program to carry out their Plan of Studies. Written authorization from the head of the relevant degree program should be included in the UCN Students Application Form and the Plan of Studies Agreement.

Step 3: The student applies to take part in the selected exchange program at the International Office for their campus, submitting the required documentation and demonstrating via certificates the language level required by their chosen institution where necessary.

Step 4: Once the documentation has been received by the International Office, it is sent to the foreign institution. Some institutions may also require students to fill in an online application form. Successful applicants will then receive an offer letter from their chosen university.

Step 5: The student applies for a student visa. This procedure can only be carried out by the participating student, and a passport is required. The student should also purchase their airfares and international medical insurance, and coordinate their accommodation in their chosen country.

Step 6: The student should request an interview with the UCN Social Worker assigned to their degree program, informing this person of their participation in an exchange program in order to maintain student benefits such as scholarships, student loans, student transport card (TNE), support towards accommodation, meal plans or others.

Step 7: The student will sign a Declaration of their intentions to complete the plan of studies and return at the end of the exchange period at the International Office.

General requirements

  • Regular student of UCN, without unpaid debts
  • Fourth semester of degree program passed prior to application
  • Cumulative weighted grade average (PPA) of 4.8 or higher (on a scale from 1 to 7), or as established by the exchange program
  • Authorization of the plan of studies by the relevant academic unit
  • Demonstrated capacity to adapt to and work in a new cultural and language environment
  • Certification of language level, as required by the destination university.
  • Health status compatible with the activities to be carried out during the program

How to participate

Scholarships and Funding

Student Exchange Agreements

Recommendations and Practical Advice

Language Requirements

Language TEST
English TOEFL iBT score of 60 points or higher
IELTS score of 6.0 or higher
German Goethe Institut exam equivalent to B1
French TCF B1
Other Languages Written documentation of level in the language


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