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Organizations for International Cooperation

DAAD – German Academic Exchange Service

This is the world’s largest organization working to promote international student and academic exchanges. Founded in 1925, DAAD has supported almost 1.5 million academics in Germany and abroad. DAAD is a registered association made up of German universities and student communities. In addition to providing scholarships, it fosters internationalization in German universities, supports German language teaching overseas, assists developing countries in building efficient institutions of higher education and advises policymakers in the areas of culture, education and development.

DAAD’s funding comes mainly from ministries of the federal government, primarily the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as the European Union, business, organizations and foreign governments. The organization’s headquarters are located in Bonn, with a second office in Berlin which also houses the renowned Berlin Artists Program (BerlinerKünstlerprogramm).

DAAD maintains contact with major partner countries through a network of 14 regional offices and 50 information centers located on 5 continents, which offer advice and support for the respective region. With over 250 programs, the DAAD supports more than 55,000 German and foreign academics and students around the world at any one time.

Programs include exchange semesters for undergraduate students, doctorates, internships, visiting professor programs, fact-finding missions and initial support for universities overseas. DAAD also supports German universities’ international activities through marketing services, publications, events and training courses.

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