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Organizations for International Cooperation

AECID – Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and Development

AECID is the main Spanish agency responsible for managing international cooperation, with a focus on fighting poverty and promoting sustainable human development. Under its Statutes, the Agency works to promote development, which it understands to be a fundamental human right, and participates in the fight against poverty as a crucial part of the process of instituting this right. To achieve this, the guidelines of AECID’s 4th Management Plan align with the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and focus on three key elements: gender-based approaches, environmental quality and cultural diversity.

AECID is affiliated with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation through the State Secretariat for International Cooperation and Ibero-America (SECIPI). Law 23/1998, passed on July 7th 1998, designates this agency as the executive body for Spanish cooperation, and sets out its objectives as fostering development and balance in international relations, providing emergency prevention and relief services, promoting democracy and strengthening relationships with partner countries.

In order to achieve these goals, the agency has implemented a set of instruments such as initiatives for technical, economic and financial cooperation, humanitarian aid and education for development and awareness of social issues. The Agency, together with its partners, works in over 30 countries through its network of Technical Cooperation Offices, Cultural Centers and Training Centers.

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