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About the DRI

The Universidad Católica del Norte recognizes internationalization as a strategic process under its Corporate Development Plan. Internationalization is a comprehensive process involving the university as a whole, connecting its academic activities with the rest of the world and attracting opportunities at the international level.

International outreach develops our teaching and research expertise, gives an international dimension to undergraduate and postgraduate programs and research projects and enables us to undertake technology transfer programs in collaboration with internationally recognized universities and research centers, contributing to the development of the university, the region and the country.

Students, academics and university staff alike benefit from internationalization: both students and academics are able to participate in diverse collaborative initiatives such as student and academic exchange programs and specialized courses around the world as well as participating in a wide range of events and activities. Under UCN’s institutional planning, the Office of Institutional Relations (DRI) is the unit in charge of coordinating and supporting the process of internationalization, searching for opportunities that meet the university’s academic requirements and positioning UCN at an international level.

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