At UCN, we incentivize the development of scientific and technological research.

Research Database

Through our Research Database you can access information about our academics, such as publications, research projects and patents, as well as their areas and lines of research.

Research Centers

Spaces created to promote and apply research that works towards the development and improvement of our scientific and technological knowledge base in the region and the country.

Research Institutes

Institutes created to promote research in archeology, astronomy, economics and policy, with direct benefits for the entire university community.

Scientific Journals

The UCN publishes 7 scientific journals, which strengthen the University’s research area.

Research Funding

Get to know the internal and external competitive funding options available to carry out research at UCN.

Partner Organizations

Public and private initiatives, businesses and centers that promote scientific and technological development in the regions of Antofagasta, Coquimbo and the rest of Chile.

Technology Transfer

Technology transfer is the process of transferring scientific knowledge and technical know-how from one organization to another.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

While education is one of the most cornerstones of social and economic and social development, entrepreneurship is the main driver of innovation and economic growth.