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Master’s of Clinical Psychology with a Specialization in Systemic Psychotherapy




4 Semesters


General Description

The Master’s of Clinical Psychology with a Specialization in Systemic Psychotherapy is a professional program which aims to provide an opportunity for specialization for professionals working in the area of mental health, within the both public and the private sector. This program has been developed based on a systemic framework and a constructivist epistemology. The program is organized into 4 academic semesters.

The masters in Clinical Psychology with a Specialization in Systemic Psychotherapy is recognized by the National Accreditation Commission of Clinical Psychologists, and allows graduates to become accredited as Specialists in Psychotherapy.


General Objective

To develop professional skills for the design and implementation of effective clinical interventions based on a systemic approach, at the level of the individual, family or couple.

Specific Objectives

  • To develop skills for the evaluation of individuals, families and couples from a systemic perspective.
  • To develop skills for the planning and implementation of effective systematic interventions, allowing graduates to tackle pressing clinical and psycho-social issues in the area of mental health, in diverse and complex contexts.
  • To allow graduates to acquire methodological knowledge, allowing them to develop and execute proposals for research and/or intervention in the field of Clinical Psychology, as applied to the diverse contexts of professional specialization.

Plan of Studies

The program has a duration of four academic semesters, equivalent to 1640 hours of work (including both face-to-face and independent study, as well as clinical activities), with a total of 66 credits.

The workload of the Master’s program includes 230 hours of classes during the first two semesters (classes, clinical seminars, supervised clinical work and work with a supervising therapist) as well as 230 hours spread over the third and fourth semesters.

Students will also carry out approximately 1000 hours of independent study, including reading, bibliographical reviews for seminars, work with patients, among other activities), as well as around 180 hours of clinical work.


Candidates for the Master’s of Clinical Psychology with a Specialization in Systemic Psychotherapy should hold an undergraduate degree and professional qualification in Psychology, or an undergraduate degree in Medicine and Surgery with a specialization in Psychiatry, granted by a university in Chile or abroad and with a duration of at least 8 semesters.

Candidates should also have proven clinical experience. Students without professional experience should have carried out an internship in a clinical area for a period equivalent to one academic semester. Candidates will undergo a personal interview with the academic committee of the program.

Application and Selection Process:

Applicants should send an application form to the Director of the Master’s Program, attaching the following documentation:

1. Letter of motivation, outlining the candidate’s reasons for applying to the program.
2. Curriculum Vitae.
3. Notarized copy of undergraduate degree and professional certification.
4. Transcript of grades from undergraduate degree.
5. Two letters of recommendation from professionals and/or academics, supporting the candidate’s application (confidential).


General Fees $285.000.- (CLP)
1st Year Enrollment Fee: $3.500.000.- (CLP)
Total Program Fees: $67.000.000.- (CLP)
Observations:  Sin admisión 2o20

*For reference only

School of Psychology, Universidad Católica del Norte (Angamos 610), Antofagasta.

Campus and Schedules

This is a part-time, face-to-face program with classes every other Friday and Saturday.


Director: Paula Contreras
Telephone: (56-55) 2355848
Email: pcontreras@ucn.clmgclinica@ucn.cl

Secretary: Noelia Flores
Telephone: (56-55) 2355048
Email: noflores@ucn.cl

The administration reserves the right to close admissions for future versions of the Master’s program if the minimum number of students is not reached. If this occurs, students who have already enrolled will be fully reimbursed.


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