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Professional TitleJournalist
Academic Title: Undergraduate Degree in Communication Sciences




10 Semestres

Puntaje Máximo/Mínimo 2020

718.6 / 502.3


NEM Ranking Comp. Lect. Mat. *Hist. Y Cs. Soc. *Ciencias
20% 20% 40% 10% 10% 0%

* For Undergraduate programs that allows apply with two optional tests (Historia y Cs. Sociales o Ciencias), it is considered 10% of one test, not both.


Matrícula 2021 Carrera 2021
$142.000 $3.495.000



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A UCN graduate with a degree in Journalism is a professional responsible for the design and construction of content in different communication mediums, ensuring the proper treatment of the material and using their creativity and socio-ethical conscious.

Based on their solid background in journalism skills and abilities, graduates in this program are prepared to work in mass media. In addition, their training in Communication allows them to lead and assist public and private organizations as a mediator between an institution and the community.

As part of the most traditional Journalism School in the north of Chile, this program has been in existence for over 40 years. Over this time, it has forged a distinctive approach, combining the theoretical and practical aspects of journalism and communications. This is reflected in the program´s 6-year accreditation and its recognition as one of the most well known programs in the country.

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“Escogí estudiar en la UCN debido a que conocía el prestigio de la Universidad, ya que pertenecí por muchos años al programa DeLTA y contaba en mi misma ciudad con la carrera que quería estudiar”.

Karen Alfaro George.


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