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Commercial Engineering (Business Administration)

Professional TitleCommercial Engineer
Academic Title: Undergraduate Degree in Business Administration Sciences




10 Semestres




A UCN graduate with a degree in Commercial Engineering is a professional capable of planning and developing organizational resource strategies and has a solid background in economics and business, specializing in marketing, human resources and finance. A Commercial Engineer is prepared to face new global challenges. With an entrepreneurial attitude, he/she is capable of handling obstacles and taking risks, leading teams to develop innovative projects.

Based on their leadership qualities, a UCN Commercial Engineer is prepared to work in management or offer business or financial advice to both public and private companies. Their visionary attitude allows them to launch and manage their own business, supporting the development and growth of the country.

The UCN Commercial Engineer Major has a complete program and focuses on the main pillars of the degree: finance, management, entrepreneurship. With more than 42 years of experience, this program is supported by the teachers, faculty and department.



“Me interesó la UCN por su gran renombre, más allá del nivel regional, en toda la zona norte. Destaco la calidad de los docentes y el ambiente cercano entre todos los que formamos la institución”.

Javiera Araya Cortés.


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