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Civil Engineering

Professional TitleCivil Engineer
Academic Title: Undergraduate Degree in Engineering Sciences




10 Semestres




A UCN graduate with a degree in Civil Engineering is a professional capable of conceiving and designing civil works such as buildings, hydraulic works, roadways and infrastructure, participating in the management, construction, operation and maintenance. They are also always aware of the impact of their actions within a global, social, economic and environmental framework.

With a strong background in basic sciences, materials science and the fundamentals of structural mechanics, this program strengthens all the skills relating to structures such as hydraulic energy, construction, geotechnics and roadway engineering. A Civil Engineer is capable of working on projects for public or private institutions that support the mining industry, in construction and services and get involved in a project from start to finish.

Based on the geophysical characteristics of Chile and the Region of Antofagasta, Civil Engineers will receive training in geotechnics, earthquake engineering and industrial structures, all of which allow them to conceptualize ways to optimize resources and materials and consider environmental, national and international standards.



“Este es el mejor lugar para venir a estudiar. La experiencia en terreno que se adquiere al estudiar en esta región no se compara a nada”.

Claudia Carreño Venegas.


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