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Strategic Management

Corporate Development Plan

The Corporate Development Plan is a tool that shapes all of the activities of the Institution, and is the result of a participative undertaking by the Committee of Deans, academics from different units, and in particular, the General Secretariat, which guides this process in accordance with general norms and standards, as well as the Institutional Analysis Department, which receives and processes the contributions submitted in order to produce a definitive text, which is then reviewed and corrected by the Editing Committee appointed by the Honorable Superior Council.

UCN Educational Project

The Educational Project, in line with the Corporate Development Plan of the Institution, is the framework defined by the Universidad Católica del Norte to shape the characteristics of the professionals trained at this institution. The Educational Project expresses the educational approach of the institution and its diverse academic units.

This approach responds to new requirements generated by the current context within which education is carried out, including demand in terms of quality, globalization, flexibility and continuing education, among other factors.

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