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Ruinas de Huanchaca Foundation

The Ruinas de Huanchaca Foundation is an innovative project aimed at renovating and transforming one of the principal national monuments in the north of Chile. The foundation was formed by the Universidad Católica del Norte together with Enjoy Antofagasta.

This initiative aims to benefit the community through the renovation of the remains of the Huanchaca silver smelting facility that began functioning in the late 19th century and closed its doors in 1902.

The foundation aims to transform this historical monument into a center for the dissemination of culture, art and science in the Region of Antofagasta, with a complex of three sophisticated, modern museums that explore the reality of the region from the perspective of Geology, Archeology and Anthropology and Astronomy, providing insights into the relationships between these areas.

This Foundation marks a step forwards in terms of community participation in regional culture, creating a space for cultural activities similar to those found in developed countries.

This project joins other initiatives implemented in the southern part of the city that are changing the face of the urban landscape, such as the construction of the modern casino and tourist center Enjoy, and the start of works on the new Science and Technology Park, led by UCN.

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