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Artistic Groups

With artistic groups that are recognized for their work in the region, the country and at an international level, UCN disseminates music, folk culture, dance and visual arts from its central University Campus to traditional venues in Antofagasta and Chile. Today, these initiatives feed into the agenda of activities open to the public as a whole, continuing the central role of culture in university life.

UCN District Tuna

The interest of students from different faculties with a taste in common for the romantic expressions of the Spanish Medieval period was the driving force behind the creation of the UCN District Tuna (medieval music group). The group was founded on May 31st 1991 and had its debut at the university’s Anniversary Gala. Its initial members aimed to follow in the footsteps of the Márquez brothers from the legendary band Illapu, the famous Vellejos Bernal brothers and other figures that began working in 1974 with the Universidad del Norte student choral group, promoting this movement at a national level. The Orchestra has performed in important cities such as Calama, La Serena, Coquimbo, Arica, Vallenar, Antofagasta and Arequipa, Peru. Additionally, they are often invited to events such as the Telethon in 1991, where they performed in front of a live televised audience. Currently, the UCN District Tuna is made up of 12 members, mostly students and alumni of UCN, and is directed by Marcellino Madariaga Roldán. Among their main lines of work are their own recitals, fundraising concerts and participation in large events and activities within the university and the region.

Women’s Tuna

Joy, music and color come together in the UCN Women’s Orchestra, a group that adds an artistic alternative with a female perspective to the cultural scene in the Second Region. The group was born out of the Communications and Outreach Department at the Universidad Católica del Norte, and is made up of nine young people, including professionals, graduates, UCN students and high school students in Antofagasta. Its musical repertoire includes classical ballads in the “Tuna” style, but with a feminine touch and a special sensibility.

UCN Polyphonic Chorus

Run by the Department of Communications, Outreach and Admissions, this group works enthusiastically to disseminate choral music, integrating new students and staff with talent and vocation for art and music into this effort. In over 50 years of continuous existence, the Polyphonic Chorus, which was founded in 1957, has a strong presence in the university environment and promotes the training of young conductors in the city.

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