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Director’s Message

The Professor Humberto Fuenzalida V. Geological Museum was founded in 1972, and in 1974 opened its doors as the first geological museum in the country. Over time it has grown, changed and evolved.

Today, with its own building at the Universidad Católica del Norte building, it provides the opportunity to teach Geology to all types of audiences, from pre-school children who want to learn about dinosaurs up to adults interested in understanding Earth Sciences, Geology and the millions of years of history that have shaped our land.

It also attends to school delegations of all ages, national and international visitors, and anyone curious to learn more about this dynamic science.

Over the medium term, the Professor Humberto Fuenzalida V. Geological Museum aims to consolidate its presence at an international level, to bring prestige to our Institution of Higher Education and to form links with the community.

We invite you to visit us.

Dr. Guillermo Chong Díaz

UCN Al Día

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