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Specialization in Neurosurgery




3 years

General Description

The medical specialization program in Neurosurgery aims to train and certify health professionals to an excellent level. Graduates of this program are able to generate knowledge, optimize the use of technologies and support clinical research.

The medical specialization program in Neurosurgery is carried out in the Region of Coquimbo, with the Hospital of Coquimbo as the base for training.


To provide human capital with an optimal academic and humanistic training to meet the demand for specialists in neuroscience, at universities in the north of Chile and UCN in particular. Graduates of this program will be deeply committed to the social values that bring prestige to their profession.


In order to apply to this program, candidates should hold a Medical degree allowing them to practice medicine in Chile.
This qualification may be any of the following:

  • Degree in Medicine and Surgery from a Chilean university. Students who have graduated earlier in the year but who have not yet received their definitive degree certificate may present a certificate from their university.
  • A degree in medicine and surgery from outside Chile that has been properly authorized by the Chilean authorities and allows the holder to practice medicine in Chile.

Applicants should submit:

  1. National medical qualification
  2. National medical exam for candidates who received their degree outside Chile or graduated from a Chilean university after 2010.
  3. A letter of recommendation from a university professor (not necessarily from the field of specialization)
  4. A personal letter of no more than two pages, explaining the candidate’s reasons for choosing the specialization.
  5. A curriculum vitae including the following aspects:
  • Identification
  • Graduating year
  • University
  • Transcript of course and internship grades
  • Scientific publications
  • Presentations at scientific conferences and seminars
  • Teaching and research assistantships
  • Other activities: professional and social
  • Shortlisted candidates should take a psychological test. In cases where the Health Service participates in the selection process, candidates must also comply with the prerequisites indicated by this body.

Applications for Medical Specializations
Faculty of Medicine
Contact:Telephone: (056) 51 2205923


Dr. Nicolás Velasco
Director Postgrado y Postítulos

Dr. Alonso Pavez Salinas
Head of the program


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