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Metallurgical Engineering

Professional Title Profesional: Metallurgical Engineer
Academic Title: Undergraduate Degree in Metallurgical Engineering




8 Semestres

Puntaje Máximo/Mínimo 2019

714.3 / 504.8


NEM Ranking Leng. y Com. Mat. *Hist. Y Cs. Soc. *Ciencias
20% 20% 10% 40% 0% 10%

* For Undergraduate programs that allows apply with two optional tests (Historia y Cs. Sociales o Ciencias), it is considered 10% of one test, not both.


Matrícula 2020 Carrera 2020
$138.000 $3.272.000



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Curriculum Simulate score


A UCN graduate with a degree in Metallurgical Engineering is a profession responsible for the operation, implementation and supervision of the processes, equipment and projects related to metallurgical extraction and its global impact. In addition, they direct metallurgical extraction projects and consider client needs, costs and risks in order to properly execute tasks. They apply scientific and disciplinary principles such as thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, hydrometallurgy, the processing of minerals and pyrometallurgy as well as solve problems in small, medium and large mines.

A UCN graduate with a degree in Metallurgy is committed to the constant growth of the region and the country, with a sense of humanitarianism and a social conscience they offer their knowledge of the operation and application of the most innovative technology in the procurement of metallic and nonmetallic assets in the processing of minerals.

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“Lo que más me motivó a estudiar en la UCN fue el prestigio que proyecta en la región, destacando el tema valórico, al que a veces no le tomamos el peso, pero que es importante para ser un profesional integral”.

Patricio López Madariaga.


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