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Professional TitleMedical Surgeon
Academic Title: Undergraduate Degree in Medicine




14 Semestres

Puntaje Máximo/Mínimo 2018

811.1 / 743.8


NEM Ranking Leng. y Com. Mat. *Hist. Y Cs. Soc. *Ciencias
15% 25% 20% 20% 0% 20%

* For Undergraduate programs that allows apply with two optional tests (Historia y Cs. Sociales o Ciencias), it is considered 10% of one test, not both.


Matrícula 2018 Carrera 2018
$129.000 $5.190.000



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A UCN graduate with a degree in Medicine is a professional responsible for addressing the health problems of the community with quality and care. Through scientific, ethical and humanistic approaches inspired by Christian anthropology, a Medical Surgeon is empathic toward pain and respects life. He/she treats the patients with dignity and care, respecting their physical and mental state.

Based on their solid scientific and technical background, a UCN Medical Surgeon can work at public and private health care facilities, hospitals, emergency rooms and medical centers, as well as practice independently. In addition, they can undertake tasks at universities, institutes, research centers and conduct academic and scientific research with the option of continuing their postgraduate studies or medical specialization.

The UCN Undergraduate degree in Medicine has a modern infrastructure designed to support students who must complete a general science cycle of 4 semesters, a clinical cycle of 6 semesters, and an internship cycle of 4 semesters. Once completed, they will receive the undergraduate degree in Medicine.

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“Escogí estudiar en la UCN por los campos clínicos que posee, siendo muy importantes en las carreras del ámbito de la salud, además de que acá, junto con avanzar como estudiante, se puede crecer como persona”.

Francisco Testart Wiegand.


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