Master’s of Environmental Management




4 Semesters


General Description

Careful management and of the environment and sustainable development are key issues of our times, not only in Chile but also at the global level. With this in mind, programs have been developed to incorporate these aspects into training, education and professional development.

The Master’s of Environmental Management at UCN aims to contribute to improving the quality of the natural environment, promoting sustainable development through the implementation of planning and environmental management systems that take in aspects of ecology and economics as well as scientific and legal aspects. Additionally, the program seeks to contribute to the prevention and resolution of environmental conflicts in both the public and the private sphere.


General Objective

To strengthen the practical knowledge of professionals working in the environmental field, as well as graduates of environmental sciences programs. Graduates of the program will incorporate environmental management into their regular activities, leading and/or developing initiatives that promote the effective management of human activities and their impact on the environment.

Specific Objectives

Contribute to the current and future development of participants, allowing them to:

  • Adopt concrete tools for protection and conservation of the natural environment (management and conservation of resources, as well as the ad hoc human context (environmental administration, urban and corporate environmental management).
  • Situate environmental issues within and among productive and administrative entities in a broader context, understanding the solutions developed through effective environmental management as the product not only of technical expertise but also of efficient administration.

To bring greater scientific rigor to activities of data collection, management, analysis and interpretation, incorporating this information into the framework of public or private programs for the benefit of the environment.

Candidate Profile

Candidates will be professionals working in environmental fields, or graduates of environmental science programs seeking to enter these fields.

Plan of Studies

The program has a duration of 2 years, with 3 semesters of taught courses and one semester for the development of the thesis project. The curriculum is made up of 12 subjects, covering three areas of interest for Environmental Management: Applied Ecology, Waste Management and Corporate Environmental Management.


Candidates for the Master’s Program in Environmental Management will have an undergraduate degree or equivalent academic or professional qualification, and will be working in positions directly or indirectly linked to Environmental Management.

Documentation required:

  • Copy of degree certificate. *
  • Application letter outlining the candidate’s reasons for applying.
  • Letter of recommendation.
  • Photocopy of national ID card or passport.
  • Application form.
  • Proposal for thesis project (title and objectives).
  • Letter of recommendation from a professional supervisor or direct manager.
  • Transcript of grades.
  • High-resolution digital photograph against a white background.
  • Up-to-date CV.
  • Birth certificate.

Foreign applicants should legalize their documents at the Chilean consulate of their country of origin. All the documentation listed above should be submitted in both physical and digital format.

*To receive the Master’s Degree, candidates must present their original undergraduate degree certificate and transcripts.


General Fees 10 UF
1st Year Enrollment Fee 100 UF
Total Program Fees: 200 UF
Observations: No Admissions 2016

*For reference only 

Campus and Schedules

Campus: Coquimbo
Classes take place on Thursdays and Fridays from 18:00 to 21:00 and on Saturdays from 09:00 to 13:00.


Director: Rodrigo Poblete Chavez
Telephone: (56-51) 2209712

Secretary: María Cecilia González
Telephone: (56-51) 2209712




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