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Master’s of Engineering Sciences with a Specialization in Metallurgy




4 Semesters


General Description

This program is aimed primarily at professionals in the areas of metallurgy, chemistry and similar disciplines. Its objective is to strengthen basic and/or applied research in the areas of Minerals Processing, Hydrometallurgy, Electrometallurgy and Process Modelling.

Graduates of this program will be prepared to design and lead research, publish scientific articles, formulate projects, advise companies and organizations in the mining industry, form part of applied research teams within mining companies or teach within institutions of higher education.

The program of training is strengthened by key courses taught by renowned international experts, who are invited to participate each year.


To deepen the knowledge of professionals in the field of Metallurgy, developing skilled and specialized human capital. Graduates will be capable of forming part of applied scientific research teams, teaching in institutions of higher education or leading working groups or research teams within mining companies.

Candidate Profile

The program is designed for students who hold an undergraduate degree or professional title from a university in Chile or abroad in the field of Metallurgical Engineering, Chemical Engineering or similar, the level and content of which should be equivalent to those necessary to obtain an undergraduate degree.

For students with an undergraduate degree, the minimum duration of this program is four years. Full-time students of Civil Metallurgical Engineering who have passed the fifth year of the program may take courses from the Master’s Program, which will be validated once they enroll formally in the program. The Program Committee will adjudicate on the applications process.

Plan of Studies

The program consists of four academic semesters, including the Postgraduate Thesis

Core Courses:

  • Numerical Methods for Process Engineering
  • Experimental Techniques for Characterization
  • Transport Phenomena and Fluid Dynamics
  • Advanced Chemical Kinetics
  • Research Methodologies
  • Philosophy of Science

Elective Courses:

  • Numerical Methods for Transport Phenomena
  • Rheology of Suspensions
  • Solvent Extraction and its Industrial Applications
  • Leaching of Sulfide Ores
  • Semi-Automated Mineralogy (QUEMSCAN) and its Applications
  • Advanced Electrometallurgy
  • Electrochemistry
  • Optimization of Comminution Circuits
  • Treatment of Liquid and Solid Industrial Waste
  • Advanced Metallurgical Thermodynamics
  • Project Engineering
  • Bio-Processing
  • Silver and Gold Metallurgy
  • Quality Assurance
  • Expert System in Metallurgical Processes
  • Corrosion
  • Minor Elements
  • Particulate Systems


Prerequisites for entry to the program are: academic degree or professional title in Civil Metallurgical Engineering, Chemical Engineering or similar fields, the level and content of which should be equivalent to those of an undergraduate degree. The Program Committee will adjudicate on the application process.

Documents required to apply:

  1. Letter of application to the master’s program outlining reasons for applying and main areas of interest (open format)
  2. Two letters of recommendation (open format).
  3. Curriculum vitae.
  4. Notarized copy of Undergraduate Degree or equivalent professional title
  5. Transcript of grades
  6. Photocopy of ID document
  7. Two Passport-sized photographs Candidates are invited to apply each semester by submitting the above information in a digital format via email.


General Fee $264.000.- (CLP)
1st year Enrollment Fee $2.500.000 (CLP)
Total Program Fee $5.000.000 (CLP)
Observations Program fee does not include general fees or cost of academic diploma.

* 2017 Admission Fees


Campus: Antofagasta
The program takes place from Monday to Friday on a full-time basis.


Director: Dra. Edelmira Gálvez Ahumada
Email: egalvez@ucn.cl

Secretary: Ámbar Medrano
Telephone: (56-55) 2355662
Email: amedrano@ucn.cl


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