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Master’s of Aquaculture




6 Trimesters


General Description

The Master’s of Aquaculture is a program designed for Chilean or foreign graduates and professionals with an undergraduate degree or academic or professional qualification of at least 4 years in duration.

The program is divided into trimesters, and takes place on a part-time basis, allowing students to balance their studies with other activities.

During the first year of the program, students will take part in core courses. The second year of the program is dedicated to the development of the final thesis project.

Program staff have extensive experience in teaching and research in the area of aquaculture, management and the environment. Academics from the Faculty of Marine Sciences and the School of Business Sciences also participate in the program, as well as visiting international experts.


The program aims to contribute to the development of skilled human capital in the field of Aquaculture at the national and Latin American level, providing participants with the skills necessary to take part in research, innovation and management activities in the field. Graduates of the program will be qualified to develop new strategies for the productive sector.

Candidate Profile

The program is aimed at professionals working in the field of marine resources at institutions or public or private companies, who are interested in aquaculture production, research and development.

Plan of Studies

The Plan of Studies has a duration of 2 years, divided into trimesters. Classes are face-to-face, and take place on an intensive basis one week per month. This design allows the student to deepen their knowledge in their preferred areas of specialization through courses in diverse areas of Aquaculture.


  • Bioactive Molecules
  • Marine Organisms – Importance for Biotechnology
  • Project Design and Evaluation
  • Cryo-preservation Techniques
  • Water Quality in Biological Processes
  • Applied Genetics of Crops
  • Recirculation Systems
  • Business Strategy
  • Marine Environmental Management
  • Marine Bioeconomics
  • Applied Statistics
  • Fish Biology applied to Aquaculture


Candidates should fulfill the following requirements:

  • Original degree certificate or equivalent academic or professional qualification from an institution of higher education.
  • Original transcript of grades from undergraduate degree with a minimum overall average of 4.5 (on a scale of 1 to 7).
  • At least 1 year of professional experience after graduation.
  • A professional recommendation or letter of reference.
  • A letter from a member of the permanent faculty of the program as an academic supervisor.
  • A letter of application to the program.
  • A digital photograph.
  • Health insurance for one year (international students only)
  • An interview with a representative of the Program Committee, if necessary.

All of the above information should be sent to the Secretary of the Master’s Program in Aquaculture.

Comprehension of academic texts in English is desirable, given that much of the material studied will be written in this language. A personal computer and internet access is also required, given that the UCN online platform is used to provide information for the courses.


General Fees $264.000.- (CLP)
1st Year Enrollment Fee $4.060.000.- (CLP)
Total Program Fees: $6.090.000.- (CLP)
Observations: Program Fees include stamp value of academic diploma.

*2017 Admission Fees.

Campus and Schedules

Coquimbo Campus


Director: Germán Merino Araneda
Telephone: (56-51) 2209767
Email: gmerino@ucn.cl

Secretary: Tamara Ponce Mendoza
Telephone: (56-51) 2205935
Email: macui@ucn.cl



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