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Master’s in Public Health




4 Semesters


General Description

The master’s program in Public Health is aimed at healthcare professionals interested in gaining deeper knowledge and advanced skills and abilities in the discipline of Public Health.

The program faculty is made up of academics with a wealth of experience and training in areas such as bio-statistics, education, epidemiology, healthcare management, nutrition, family health, international health, environmental health and occupational health. This course of study makes use of student-centered methodologies, with group clinical and community-based fieldwork assignments. Students will work in stages to develop a final project, consisting of a participative diagnostic exercise at the end of the first cycle and a proposal for practical intervention in the students’ chosen area of specialization at the end of the second cycle.


The objective of the Program is to contribute to training and developing professionals that are highly-committed to meeting the health needs of individuals, families and communities. The program strengthens participants’ skills, particularly in the area of Health Management, and is designed to facilitate the acquisition of scientific knowledge. Graduates of this program are able to practice effectively in associated areas, as well as carrying out research and teaching in the discipline.

Candidate Profile

The Master’s of Public Health is aimed at professionals with an undergraduate degree or equivalent academic or professional qualification in a related field of at least 8 semesters in length, from a university in Chile or abroad.

Plan of Studies

The program has a duration of two years, with courses distributed over four academic semesters. It includes obligatory and elective courses, practical modules at health centers and a final thesis. The program is divided into theoretical and practical cycles, equivalent to 92 Transferable Credits (SCT) per year.



Candidates for the Master’s of Public Health should hold an undergraduate degree or equivalent academic or professional qualification in a related field of at least 8 semesters in length, from a university in Chile or abroad. Proficiency in the English language is desirable.


Applicants should present the following documentation:

  • Application form.
  • Letter of application outlining the candidate’s reasons for applying to the program.
  • Degree Certificate.
  • Two letters of recommendation from academics or managers at the candidate’s place of employment, confirming their suitability for the program.


General Fees $264.000.- (CLP)
1st Year Enrollment Fee  $3.100.000.- (CLP)
Total Program Fees: $6.200.000.- (CLP)
Observations: Program fee includes the value of the stamp diploma degree.

Campus and Schedules

Campus: Coquimbo

Face-to-face activities take place during full-day sessions once a month on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Practical work at health centers is also included, and will be scheduled with the student in advance.


Director: Muriel Ramírez Santana.
Telephone: (56-51) 2205995.
E-mail: mramirezs@ucn.cl

Secretary: Claudia Zuloaga.
Telephone: (56-51) 2209825
E-mail: postgrado.medicina@ucn.cl

Website: http://magistersalud.sede.ucn.cl



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