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Master’s of Architecture




4 Semesters

General Description

The Master’s of Architecture at the Universidad Católica del Norte is the first academic postgraduate program in this field to be offered in the north of Chile. For this reason, the program centers on the architecture of arid regions, from the perspectives of energy, traditional and innovative technologies, ancient and modern heritage and sustainable urban development in desert zones.


General Objective

• To prepare researchers in the field of architecture and urban development, with a particular focus on ways of inhabiting arid regions, taking into account their climatic characteristics and traditional architecture as well as the challenges posed by the growing industrialization and urbanization of this type of territory.

Specific Objectives

• To prepare researchers capable of carrying out theoretical and project-based research on topics linked to the discipline of architecture, with strong foundational knowledge of the territorial characteristics of arid regions.
• To generate the holistic and multidisciplinary knowledge necessary for a practical understanding of a discipline such as architecture, which brings together the arts and sciences to operate at different scales, from the territorial level to separate elements of buildings.
• To build understanding of the ethics of pure and applied scientific research, with special attention to the economic sustainability of territorial spaces.

Candidate Profile

The program is aimed at professionals with a professional or academic degree from a program of at least 8 semesters in architecture or related disciplines, who are interested in undertaking a research-oriented career.

Plan of Studies



Candidates for the Master’s of Architecture should be graduates of degree programs in architecture or related disciplines, with a minimum duration of 8 semesters. For international students, knowledge of the Spanish language is an essential requirement.
Candidates should submit the following documentation with their application:
• Undergraduate degree certificate
• Updated CV
• Language certificates
• Spanish language certificates, in the case of applicants who are not native speakers of Spanish
• Transcript of grades from undergraduate degree program
• Letters of recommendation (optional)
• Personal statement for master’s studies and Application Form


General Fee $278.000.- (CLP)
1st year Enrollment Fee  $2.500.000.- (CLP)
Total Program Fee $5.000.000.- (CLP)

* 2019 Admission Fees

Campus and Schedule

Campus: Antofagasta

This is a full-time program with classes from Monday to Friday.


Director: Massimo Palme
Telephone: (56-55) 2355188 – (56-55) 2355391
Email: mpalme@ucn.cl


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