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Industrial Civil Engineering

Professional TitleIndustrial Civil Engineer
Academic Title: Undergraduate Degree in Engineering Sciences




10 Semestres

Puntaje Máximo/Mínimo 2019

782.9 / 636.6


NEM Ranking Leng. y Com. Mat. *Hist. Y Cs. Soc. *Ciencias
20% 20% 10% 40% 0% 10%

* For Undergraduate programs that allows apply with two optional tests (Historia y Cs. Sociales o Ciencias), it is considered 10% of one test, not both.


Matrícula 2020 Carrera 2020
$138.000 $4.135.000



Application code

Curriculum Simulate score


A UCN graduate with a degree in Industrial Civil Engineer is a professional responsible for the sustainability of organizations through the application of principles used in the management of operations, organizations and engineering projects. They possess knowledge related to physics-mathematics and the social sciences and possess leadership skills, participating in different multidisciplinary teams.

Their emphasis is on management, streamlining operations and information technologies, all of which allow for innovation in terms of the process and business in both public and private organizations. They can also work in as a private consultant, research engineer, or in a mining and services environment, always focused on quantifying and guiding actions.

Based on the different partnerships with institutions abroad, the UCN Department of Industrial Civil Engineering is recognized internationally for its implementation of methodologies, technologies and student exchange programs which develop a student’s professional and personal skills.

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“Escogí la UCN por el amplio campo laboral minero que se encuentra en la zona, lo que permite formar redes de contacto en toda la industria. Es la mejor opción para estudiar ingeniería”.

Rodrigo Toro-Ladner Dorkin.


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