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Doctorate in Sciences, Specialization in Physics




4 años


The Doctoral Program in Sciences with a Specialization in Physics (DCMF) was created in order to advance the development of science at UCN, and particularly postgraduate teaching in the Department of Physics. In order to achieve this, a series of obligatory doctoral-level courses has been designed in order to strengthen the research carried out by the Department of Physics and Institute of Astronomy through the supervision of doctoral theses.

This academic program requires exclusive dedication.

Lines of Research

  1. Theoretical Physics
  2. Experimental Physics
Computational Physics


The objective of this Doctorate is to train researchers with the knowledge and skills to carry out original, innovative research with an emphasis on fundamental topics within Physics, whether individually or collaboratively, contributing to the integration and development of high-level research.

Candidate Profile:

Candidates for this program will have an undergraduate degree in Physics, or an equivalent professional qualification, demonstrating an academic background suitable for the objectives and requirements of this program.

Plan of Studies



Applicants to the DCMF program should have an undergraduate degree in Physics or an equivalent professional qualification that demonstrates an academic background suitable for the objectives and requirements of this program. Applicants should also demonstrate adequate knowledge of the English language.
To apply to this program, candidates should send a letter of application justifying their request to be included in the program and outlining an area of interest within those offered by the program.

Together with this letter, candidates should submit their curriculum vitae, a notarized copy of their Undergraduate Degree or Professional Title, two letters of recommendation and a transcript from their undergraduate program, with an overall average grade of 5.0 or higher (on a scale of 1-7). Applicants to this program should also attach the programs of study from the most recent courses they have taken in classical mechanics, quantum mechanics, electromagnetism and statistical mechanics. UCN graduates are exempt from this requirement.


General Fees $264.000.- (CLP)
1st year registration fee $3.000.000 (CLP)
Total Programs Fee $12.000.000 (CLP)
Observations Program fee does not include general fees or cost of academic diploma

Campus and Schedule

Campus: Antofagasta Classes take place from Monday to Friday during the daytime


Director: Sergio Curilef Huinchalaf
Telephone: (56-51) 2355520
Email: scurilef@ucn.cl

Secretary: Eliamara Arias
Telephone: (56-51) 2355502
Email: earias@ucn.cl


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