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Doctorate in Applied Economics and Regional Studies




4 years


The Doctorate in Applied Economics and Regional Studies focuses on analysis of the spatial dimension as a tool for a more complete understanding of the development of economic and social processes.

Specifically, Regional Studies centers around the theoretical and empirical analysis of local, urban and regional dynamics based on diverse notions of space. This approach allows for an interdisciplinary treatment of issues such as growth and regional and urban development, territorial integration and governance, inequality and social justice and policy design and evaluation.


The objectives of this program are:
• Develop capacity in program graduates to carry out original work and publish relevant work in the field of Region Studies.
• Provide program graduates with a solid academic foundation in Applied Economics and Regional Studies.
• Promote social development and wellbeing through by raising awareness of the possibilities offered by the Regional Studies approach.

Candidate Profile:

Candidates will have an undergraduate or master’s degree in areas associated with the Doctorate, such as Economics, Administration, Industrial Engineering, Statistics, Geology, Sociology, Mathematics or others.

Plan of Studies

The Doctorate in Applied Economics and Regional Studies is a full-time course with daytime classes. Students should dedicate themselves exclusively to the program.



• Candidates should hold an undergraduate degree, or an academic or professional title whose level and contents are equivalent.
• Preference will be given to applicants with an academic background in economics and/or quantitative research methods. However, the introductory contents of the program are designed to allow for professionals from other fields to specialize gradually in economics.
• Candidates should preferably have reading and writing skills in the English language equivalent to 70 points in the TOEFL exam, given that much of the specialized bibliography of the disciplines covered by the program is available only in English. Similarly, in order to write the academic papers necessary to obtain their doctorate, students will need to have the ability to write in English.
• Under the code of regulations for the doctorate, candidates should demonstrate a clear orientation towards the specialization in Applied Economics and Regional Studies in the academic and/or professional work that they intend to develop upon graduation from the program. Candidates should therefore outline their intentions in a letter.

In order for the Directors and Academic Committee of the Doctoral Program to assess the eligibility and suitability of candidates for the program, applicants are requested to submit:

• Notarized copy of Degree Certificate. International students should take into account the additional validations necessary for degrees awarded in other countries.
• Transcript of grades from undergraduate degree
• Photocopy of National ID card or passport.
• Completed registration form and two letters of recommendation (these may be substituted by sponsorship by an academic from the program faculty).
• Two passport style photographs. • Completed application form including information on the candidate, their expectations and the reasons why they have chosen this program.


General Fee $267.000.-
1st year Enrollment Fee $3.000.000.-
Total Programs Fees $12.000.000.-
Observations Program Fees do not include general fees or degree certificate.

Campus and Schedule * 2018 Admission Fees

Campus: Antofagasta.

Classes take place from Monday to Friday during the daytime


Director: Mauricio Sarrias Jeraldo

email: mauricio.sarrias@ucn.cl

Coordinadora: Berta Torrejón Gallo

email: berta.torrejon@ucn.cl



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