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Doctorate in Anthropology (UCN/UTA) – San Pedro de Atacama


San Pedro de Atacama


8 Semesters


General Description

The Doctorate and Master’s Program in Anthropology is for the next generation of Social Anthropologists, Archeologists, and Physical Anthropologists who will delve into advanced studies in the various Social Science disciplines. This program emphasizes Andean topics and is designed for Scientific Anthropology researchers, teachers and professionals who would like to work at high caliber universities, research centers and private and governmental institutions.

With the support of the two most active Anthropology Centers in the north of Chile: La Universidad Católica del Norte (UCN) Archeological Research Institute and Museum in San Pedro de Atacama and la Universidad de Tarapacá (UTA) Anthropology Department and Museum in San Miguel de Azapa, Arica.

This program is led by both Chilean and international academics and specialists. It has a presence-based modality with an emphasis on scientific research and is endorsed by the partnering institutions who specialize in the following areas: Archeology, Social Anthropology, BioAnthropology and Ethnohistory.

Background UCN-UTA

The academic units that comprise the program have a trajectory of more than forty years of archaeological research and anthropology and are considered noteworthy institutions for both national and international researchers. Their academic achievements are recognized and remarkable. This is reflected in their research approval ratings (FONDECYT and international), publications (books and both academic and mainstream magazines) and the participation and planning of international convocations. These units edit the two most important South Andean and Chilean Anthropology journals: Chungará: UTA Chilean Anthropology Magazine and Estudios Atacameños: South Andean Archeology and Anthropology, a UCN publication (both indexed in ISI). Each edition of these magazines offers undergraduate students the opportunity to gain editorial experience (publish or work on the revision of articles). In this way, the program facilitates a dynamic scientific environment with numerous national and international partnerships that the students in this program can take advantage of.

Research Areas

  • Archeology, Anthropology and South Andean BioAnthropology
  • First settlements in America
  • Analysis of Archeological and Osteology Collections
  • Body and Gender Anthropology
  • Discipline Analysis: EthnoHistory, Ethnography, Ethnology and Oral History
  • Political and Economic Anthropology of Indigenous Peoples
  • Mining Society Anthropology
  • Scripture, Art and Image Anthropology
  • Archaeological Science/Archeometry
  • Identity Archeology
  • Cultures and Ethnic Processes in Chile and the South Andean Region
  • Mortuary Archeology
  • Lifestyle and Identity


The Objectives of the Program are:

  • To shape graduates capable of handling complex Anthropology research challenges in a creative and original way
  • To fortify one of the pillars of postgraduate studies, South Andean research, which aligned with the geographic area and culture where the program is located
  • To support the postgraduate studies, activities and advanced anthropological research of students.
  • To strengthen the postgraduate program with student-centered and academic activities and through partnerships with national and international research centers and universities.
  • To encourage knowledge and academic anthropological debate about Northern Chile and the bordering countries that make up the South Andean region and the country.

Aimed at

The Postgraduate Program (master’s and doctoral degrees) in Anthropology is a joint venture between la Universidad Católica del Norte and la Universidad de Tarapacá. It is aimed at Social Anthropology, Archeology, Physics Anthropology, History, Sociology, Museography and Preservation professionals. All applicants must have a university undergraduate education of at least 8 semesters in one of the previously mentioned disciplines.

Plan of Studies

The postgraduate studies program consists of a development stage of three semesters (face to face), a conclusion to the master’s stage of one semester, a doctoral research stage of four semesters and a conclusion to the doctorate stage.

The development stage consists of theory, methodology and in depth examination. Within the area of theory and methodology, the students must take a course in a corresponding field (Archeology or Social Anthropology).



Applicants to the program should present:

  • An Undergraduate Degree of a minimum of 8 semesters in Anthropology or other specialization in the Human or Social Sciences from a Chilean or international university
  • A Professional title or academic degree and educational background that is not directly related to Anthropology or the Human or Social Sciences, but that has been evaluated and approved by the Postgraduate Studies Program Commission
  • Endorsement letter by a member of the teaching staff. In order to achieve this the student must contact a permanent professor before applying to the program and propose a research project. Afterward, the professor will guide the student through the application and present it at the Postgraduate Studies Program Commission Meeting. Look at the following link http://www.iiam.clto a find a list of approved professors and their respective emails.
  • The applications are reviewed by the Postgraduate Studies Program Commission and they will either be rejected or approved depending on the academic background of the applicant.


General Fees $267.000.- (CLP)
1st Year Enrollment Fee: $3.000.000.- (CLP)
Total Program Fees: $12.000.000.- (CLP)
Observations: Program fee does not include general fees or cost of academic diploma.

*2018 Admission Fees


  • Archeological Research Institute and Museum (IIAM), San Pedro de Atacama
  • Universidad de Tarapacá, Arica.

This is a daytime program and the schedules are coordinated directly with the student.


Hans Gundermann
Email: hgunder@ucn.cl

Coordinator: Macarena Peña
Telephone: (56-55) 2851002
Email: docenciaspa@ucn.cl






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