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The UCN Ceduc foundation was created in response to the need to strengthen technical training, an area that has been weakened in our country.

The Center for Technical Training at the Universidad Católica del Norte was founded in 1998 with the objective of providing high-quality technical-vocational training.

A concern for continuous improvement has driven CEDUC to become one of the most important Centers for Technical Training in the country, achieving milestones such as certification under ISO 9001, accreditation in institutional management and teaching, as well as establishment as an autonomous institution under decree Nº 001/05 issued by the Ministry of Education and inclusion in the national registry of technical training centers under Sence Resolution Nº 2676/99.

The institution has also signed agreements for cooperation with international organizations, and has been awarded 9 Mecesup projects allowing it to develop important projects for international technical assistance, equipment, infrastructure and professional development for lecturers, as well as opening two centers in Antofagasta and Bío Bío.

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